Support Animal Welfare
Pet-Friendly Tourism

"69% of leisure travelers book destination travel based on pet-friendly amenities."
- Destination Analysts
You could win
a 1972 Mercedes 350SL convertible!
"Dispose of pet waste properly to help keep Waukegan clean for
all to enjoy." 
" Spay or neuter to reduce the number of unwanted pets in shelters." 
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For as little as $20 you can support Waukegan Arts & Animals
and enter to win a 1972 Mercedes 350SL Beach Roadster to be awarded at
Scoop 2017 in Waukegan, Illinois.
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Our Vision

  1. 1
    Animal Welfare
    WAGS provides assistance with everything from basic medicines and veterinary care to spay/neutering, trap and release of stray/feral cats, and community education to support the animals of Waukegan and Waukegan Police Animal Control.
  2. 2
    Pet-Friendly Tourism
    Stimulate tourism by providing amenities to showcase Waukegan, Illinois as a pet-friendly city. Studies have shown that cities, such as Madison,WI, can achieve an 8:1 return on investment for every dollar spent on pet-friendly tourism.
  3. 3
    Explore Waukegan
    Did you know? In addition to our numerous parks and hiking trails, Waukegan, Illinois has eight hotels that provide pet-friendly accommodations. Visit to learn more.